I am a professional jazz pianist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have played the piano for over 50 years. I have good technique, knowledge and excellent improvisation skills. I also have saxophone and ‘cello as my secondary instruments.

I like to play jazz piano but am very experienced in playing with all sorts of live bands and vocalists.

I can provide provide the right ambience for your function or reception by playing a wide variety of jazz standards and more modern tunes.

I can play on a provided piano or bring my own portable keyboard. I can also additionally provide a vocalist, bass and drums.

In addition, I am very interested in composing music, from modern synth based rock/pop to orchestral classic and film music. I am also experienced in writing music for film and video.

Please scroll down and listen to some recordings on my music page to get an idea of what I can provide for you with. There also some example videos with composed music on the Videos page.

There are additional pages of music clips linked to the music page.