Orchestral pieces for film and video

Jolly Dodger

An up tempo sailor dance utilising the full orchestra and snappy percussion. Featuring a “round” of the sections.


A fantasy piece for the orchestra. A slow moving piece with a western like main theme.

Castle in the air

A slow moving ambient piece with echoed piano, synth and orchestra.

Shady loch

A Scottish countryside inspired piece with tranquility.

Smooth hawthorn

A quirky poem. Nice piano and orchestra conversation with a question at the end…

The jagged nest

A short expressive piano and orchestra piece with a bluesy ballard quality.

Rainbow fields

A slow orchestral piece that evokes a pastoral scene.


A slow orchestral piece. A stately, mournful march


A slow piece starting with the harp. Builds to a loud climax.


A ballet dance for a toy soldier. Has a Tango feel to it.

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