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I am a jazz pianist from Scotland. I also have a day job programming computers. Hope you enjoy the blog. There’s something for someone somewhere.

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  • Wow, this helps a lot. Thank you!
    Some issues:
    -You wrote that sometimes the names of the actual style voice is not shown correctly. I can confirm that, although they are correctly shown on the device in the Global Style/SMF TrackMute GUI. I wonder why this is hidden on the device.

    – Can you please implement to save the MIDI setup in your app, so that it is loaded immediate.
    – I can transmit performance via MIDI and can change the style and tone via MIDI from your GUT. Then I have to save it with the save function on the device. Will you insert this function, when editing a performance setting? There are more parameters to use there which is more clear than on the device.
    – Could there be pulldown box on the performance setting to change the Style (like in MIDI Control Tab “Styles”)

    I figured out to use userstyles in the grid by adding the foldername e.g. My Performances/mytest.STL
    I figured out to integrate the changed OTS. The selected sounds etc. are to be stored in the ups file.
    But if I changed the OTS and used the new store function the modified style is stored in the folder My Styles.
    After the OTS storing I have to store the performance to use the OTS modified style
    But then the correlation to the Rhythm Family is lost and no light is on the family buttons and I have not found where to view the used stylename on the device.
    Can you please email me some advices?
    Thank you

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