Don’t ever trust a washing machine engineer

I usually do all the handyman maintenance on my wife’s house rental. She has an estate agent that handles the rental and contacts me first if there are any problems. Sod’s law ensures that the tenants washing machine goes wrong when we are on holiday, so the agent called his engineer to look at it and emailed us with the update.

“Well guv, the controller pcb is broken, you might as well get a new machine and i’ll guarantee it for 10 years.” He managed to convince my wife to get a new machine.

When I got back, I went to sort out the mess as the “engineer” plumbed it into where the dishwasher was and left the dishwasher in the middle of the kitchen. So I thought to myself, this “engineer” is too damn lazy to move the washing machine because the cooker was in the way and that needed to be moved first. Then I thought if he hasn’t moved the machine, how can he really had a look at the insides.

Of course he hadn’t. He used the oldest excuse for washing machine engineers as he is lazy and incompetent.

I took the machine away and plugged in the services. Switched it on. Mnnn all the lights come on and the pump is working, it even lets water in; that is not a broken pcb to me. Of course I knew what was wrong… 99% of breakdowns are due to worn out brushes on the main motor. I tried a spin cycle and I could hear some arcing from the motor and it was turning erratically.

So, I put it on it’s side and removed the old brushes from the motor without even having to remove a cover. The brushes are in a plastic assembly and held by two screws, very simple to remove.

Sure enough the brushes were worn. I identified the part and ordered it on-line £10 for the pair.

The next photo shows the old (black) and the new(red).


The assembly is located with two lugs that locate with two holes on the motor. The replacements were fixed in position with the two screws and re-connected using the push on connectors.

Job’s a goodun !!

And that’s it, the machine is working again, ready for action when the 10 year guarantee runs out. Now, mr useless, lazy, incompetent Washing Machine Engineer, is there anything else you want to know about fixing washing machines ????


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