BK7 Editor updates

I have update the editor to vs 1.1.  Download at this link: http://www.peterjazz/bk7/BK7_setup.exe

Enhancements are :-

1)Midi device settings saved.

2)Midi connection routes connected keyboard on/offs through to BK7

3)Roland bug in file sizes causes load problems for firmware 1.7

4)Additional part parameters added, mfx, reverb, chorus, octave

5)Transpose key added

6)Started work on Mfx,Reverb and Chorus settings. New tabs have been added for editing these values. Nothing for chorus yet.

Selection of Mfx and Reverb will setup the correct default value. I have added examples of parameter edits for Mfx 7 (enhancer) and Reverb SRV, that work correctly.

Provision of 84 different MFx parameter edits is a monumental task and I think I shall only get around to doing the popular ones. (unless someone pays me a months salary !!)

7)Started work on decoding style files to allow editing of sections and playing of individual sections.

8)Fixed bugs with linking to style, midi and mp3 files on the usb pen drive.



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  • Hello! Thank you very much for the program editor Bk7m, you do a good deal right many musicians. Roland company does not issue such a program and does not care about their customers. Thanks to you, it was possible to use the advanced features of the tool, all very necessary possibility of creating and editing styles.

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