Microphone Stand for Keyboard

I decided to update my Electronic Piano stand as the one I had was not very stable. I decided on “Stellar Labs 555-13830 Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand” at £36. This stand is very stable and easily takes the weight of my heavy piano keyboard. There are two bolts necessary to put it together using an Allan key. It has no adjustment for uneven floors and will require the use of a beermat to stop it from wobbling in this case. But I thought it was value for money.

It is a real nuisance using a traditional microphone stand when singing and playing, so I looked at an alternative solution. I bought the “Neewer Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand” at £13 and figured out a way to fix it to my current keyboard setup. The stand is a bit on the flimsy side and I am not convinced that the bracket is strong enough when screwing in the round bit.


I made a bracket out of two pieces of wood and a steel strip. This attaches to the left support of the keyboard stand. I then affix the scissor mic stand to the bracket. The mic position is easily adjusted and remains in place. The bracket also allows for enough clearance for my left hand to reach the lowest notes.


The following photo shows the bracket and mic stand in position.

This photo is a closeup of the bracket attached to the keyboard stand. The steel strip wraps around the square section steel support on the keyboard stand. I made the bracket a snug fit and it can slide on or off for packing up. It is suprisingly firm and the mic stand does not wobble,


This is a photo of the bracket.



This is a photo of the bracket with the mic stand holder attached.

The final result looks a bit heath-robinson, but it is functional and an improvement on using a traditional mic stand.

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