Stand for Hannspree 13.3″ Tablet

I use a Hannspree 13.3″ Android tablet to store and display sheet music. It runs the excellent “MobileSheets” app that allows me to store PDF files of sheet music scans and store them in an indexed database. THe Hannspree tablet was about the largest screen I could find at the time. It’s not bad and nearly A4 size and so not too strenuous on the eyes.

I tried to find an adaptor to mount it on a photography tripod but they all seem too small for the tablet. I had to build one myself. Its not too hard. I found a scrap of plastic extrusion that had a channel to hold the bottom of the tablet and mounted this on a piece of wood. The top of tablet is held in place with a large padded washer and a wing nut. I used a spare table leg bracket to attach the wooden piece to the tripod. The tripod I have has a detachable bracket which has a bolt that screws into the table leg bracket.

Jobs a good’un ……

Front view of holder. The squares are pieces of felt padding.



Rear view of holder with attached tripod mount piece.

Tablet mounted on tripod running MobileSheets.



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