AK47M project part 10 (Prototype ready)

I have completed the prototype AK47M and the first versions of firmware and controller software. I used an old cigar box as the enclosure. I have tested the unit using my Yamaha electronic piano and a keyboard amplifier. It works as expected and I am currently  writing a user manual which will explain the operation in greater detail.

The front panel is a piece of laminated paper glued onto some thin MDF. The front panel comprises of a 3×4 keypad, a 2 line LCD display and a row of 4 push buttons.


On the back is from left to right:

  1. The USB power cable.
  2. A pair of jack sockets for the stereo output for the auto accompany synth.
  3. A pair of jack sockets for the stereo output for the solo (right hand) synth.
  4. A 5 way DIN socket for the MIDI input

The following shows a series of screen shots of the AK47 LIVE software that either runs on a Windows PC or the internal Raspberry PI on-board computer.

The windows version simulates the keypad using the PC numeric keypad.


This is the initial screen with control for the solo lead voices and the left right hand split.

The buttons along the bottom deal with navigating the performance file and editing the current performance file.

The green boxes allow for easy selection of a voice for a part. The blue boxes are volume control sliders.


These two screens control the selected style parameter. The style file assigned to the current performance is shown in red text. The individual style parts may be independently controlled

This screen shows the BIAB file selection and the BIAB editor with a chord sequence for “Ain’t Misbehavin”





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