BK7m Performance Editor

I have created a useful Windows compatible program to edit the performance files used by the Roland Bk7m unit. You can edit settings and names, make compilations and control the unit using a PC MIDI interface.

Run the program “BK7_Setup.exe”. This will install the editor on your pc and place a
start icon on the PC start menu.

(You can also run the program on Linux. The program will install and run successfully under WINE. Use WINE to run the setup.exe and follow the instructions.)

The user manual can be downloaded here.

The program will allow editing of the BK7M performance files that are saved to USB pen drive on the unit. The install includes the same performance files that are in-built in the BK7M music assistant list. This file “RAssistant.ups” also has corrections to the performance names so that they refer to the actual intended names.
11. Achy Broken Heart (original)
11. Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus (in RAssistant)
The editor will handle firmware v1.05 and v1.06 files.

This program is freeware and there is no cost to use it or to copy the executable.
The actual source code is copyright however.
The file formats needed to be reverse-engineered as Roland do not publish the
formats (or not very forth coming). There is other stuff that can be edited, but
this program is for my own use and I have only included things so far that will be
useful for me.

My intention is to also produce a standalone MIDI keypad so that I can quickly
select performances by typing a three digit code and also using an up/down key
press. The principle is illustrated in the performance control page on the

Please let me know about bugs and new feature requests, but please remember
you gets what you paid for!


  • Hey man, thanks for making the performance editor. It’s about time someone made one!

    Question for you: When you sort your performances alphabetically, save the UPS file, and load them in the BK-7, do you have issues sometimes with “Style Not Found” upon loading (even though the file location field hasn’t changed) and also have you had an issue with the ordering being different from that you chose?

    Is there something I’m missing or have I found a couple of bugs?

    I’m happy to contribute some cash to you for your product if you continue development. Thanks!

  • I found a bug when moving a record up or down, should be fixed, there is a new setup available.

    I only got the BK7 unit a couple of months ago, so I am still developing the editor in order to create some jazz sets.
    I generally want just bass and drums and cutout piano and other crap from the style.

  • Great application. Very useful.
    Hi Peter,
    do you think you could impelement the OTS Settings wihin a page for the style?
    I guess, that the stiles which were made for fimware before Version 1.6″ don’t contain tone information.
    To complete this there is the “performance data” within UPS file , which contains a dataset for one setting UP1,Up2,LWR,MBS, volume for each, etc. This you have impemented and support within your editor.
    From Verion 1.6 upwards we have the 4 OTS settings. But they are stored in the style.
    If you load a style and try to store a OTS a message comes up that new “one touch area” is created.
    If you had used an original from the “Rhythm family” it will be stored in folder “My Styles” and becomes a independent userstyle. But if you had already loaded an userstyle, the OTS will be stored in the same specified stile.
    So I think it would be very helpful to insert a GUI for the stlye to edit the 4 OTS and to see the parameters which are stored within it.
    Best regards and thanks.

    • Hello Ralf,

      I don’t have a spec that describes the format, it has to be inferred from dumping the file out as hex codes. So it is quite difficult teasing out this sort of information. I will look at these requirements when I have some free time. I am job hunting at the moment and have to spend lots of time preparing for interviews and doing technical tests etc.


  • Anthony Johnson

    Hi Peter,
    Many thanks for your hard work and generosity in making the Editor and letting us have it free.
    My BK7M is packed away at the moment due to renovation work but I’m sure the editor’s going to be very useful to me when I get back to my module.
    I found the module a nightmare to work on and this should make life much easier for us – something that Roland should have produced themselves (they have been asked).
    very best wishes,

  • Hi Peter,
    thank you for continuing your work. It it very helpful. Is there a solution how to view or edit the OTS?

  • Hi Peter

    A couple of suggestions arising from my first use of your excellent editor…

    1. A ‘delete’ facility would be useful to remove unwanted performances from the performance list.
    2. Could you include a tab with a link to your website so that users can easily check for updates?

    Many thanks for making this freely available.


  • Hello,

    The “deletion” is effected by the left hand check box. Only checked performances are saved to the output file.

    The versioning and download links need to be improved. Will do this when I have time.

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