AK47M project part 8 (Connection to tablet)

I have investigated a simple way of connecting my Android tablet to the AK47M system in order to view and edit configurations.

The general method is to set up a WiFi hotspot on the Android tablet and connect to it from the PI Zero W. This WiFi network can be independent of the Internet and allows for a connection anywhere even on gigs.

Once a WiFi connection is established then a VNC client can be run on the tablet that shows the PI desktop and allows it to be controlled by screen touches or using a mouse attached to the tablet by USB.

When the connection is initially established it is necessary to obtain the IP address of the PI to configure the VNC client. Fortunately, there is an easy way by using a Hotspot manager app as it shows the addresses of attached devices.

I downloaded and installed two free apps from the Android Playstore …..

Hotspot manager allows you to configure a hotspot on the tablet with a WiFi password and switch it on or off as an when required. Running a hotspot does seem to drain the battery more than normal operation. It also lists any connected devices and their addresses.


VNC Client Free is a simple to use app to do the remote desktop connection to the PI Zero W. There is also a client produced by RealVNC that works well.

The IP addresses assigned by the tablet seem to be persistent, so once everything is configured it re-connects with no bother when the system is powered up.

My AK47M application running on the PI Zero W is called “AK47 LIVE” and is configured to run on boot up. This application integrates with the AK47M system and allows performances to be edited for the solo parts and the styles. It also runs the arranger that plays a style file and reacts to variation selections and chords played. There is also an additional tab for a “Band in the bag” which will allow the input of chord and variation sequences for a performance configuration, this is work in progress.


I have completed the AK47M PCB design and it is ready to be manufactured in China. (About £1.50 per PCB.)


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