PIC 16F62X programming tools

I have used the PIC 16F628 chip in a variety of projects. It is a small self-contained micro-controller that only requires a 3.5V supply to operate. It has it’s own internal clock circuitry. The PIC is an 18 pin package with several IO pins that can be programmed as input or output. It also has an internal serial UART and internal non-volatile memory.

I use the MikroElectronika PASCAL (https://www.mikroe.com) compiler to develop software. This is free for hobbyists and there are also C compilers available.

I use an adaption of the Windows PC serial port to program it. The following circuit is what I use. A photo is also shown of my programmer. This is an inexpensive lash-up on a piece of vero board. This is connected using a standard comms cable to the PC comms port and the PIC is inserted into the 18 pin socket for programming.


The compile tools create an image in Intel Hex format. I have written a Windows PC programmer tool that loads the Hex file and programs the PIC. The software is free to use, just drop me a line if you want a copy.



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