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Transferring video from Reaper to a Humax video player

I use Reaper as a video editing tool and for film score composition. When I create a video and render it to a video file, it plays quite nicely on my PC. I have a (fairly old) Humax hard disk TV video recorder that is linked to my TV. I tried to play a video created in Reaper on the Humax, but it failed miserably and it took me a while to figure out how to transfer a video.

I downloaded and installed the VLC media player as part of my Reaper installation in order to play video in Reaper.

In Reaper, render the video as follows :


This will produce a .MOV file and is “” in my example.

Next you have to convert this to a video format suitable for the Humax machine. Run VLC media player and select “Convert / Save” from the main menu item called “Media”. This will show the following dialog.

Add the Reaper video file to the file list. (You can add multiple files for a batch conversion). Press the Convert / Save button and select “Convert”. You will then get the next dialog:

Ensuer the destination file extension is “.mpg”.

Ensure the “Profile” drop down is set to Video – H.264 + MP3 (TS).


Press the button with a spanner icon to change the profile settings. You will need to increase the bitrates for half-decent video resolution. Set a Video bitrate to 800 to 1200 kbs and the Audio to 256 to 320 kbs. The factory defaults are too low.

Click on the Video and Audio Codec Tabs and remember to press the “Save” button.





Press “Start” and the video(s) will be converted. You then copy the video file(s) to a USB memory stick and plug it into the front USB socket on the HUMAX recorder/player.