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EXERCISER – ear training tool

I have developed a program called “Exerciser” that is a MIDI keyboard based ear trainer. The program has a series of graded exercises to train you to directly play on the keyboard what you hear.

The program interfaces with a standard MIDI keyboard using a standard PC to MIDI interface adapter.

The program plays a sequence of notes on your keyboard. You then play back a copy of the sequence and the program checks whether you played correctly. There are various levels of difficulty. Hopefully you will improve your skills with time.

The ability to “play by ear” is crucial if you want to play jazz, rock and pop.

The program uses the soundcard to communicate the instructions and results by using speech. It also displays the sequence on a musical staff after checking.

Download and run the Windows PC installation. All instructions are displayed as part of the program.

The program is freeware and may be copied. The source is copyright.

BK7m Performance Editor

I have created a useful Windows compatible program to edit the performance files used by the Roland Bk7m unit. You can edit settings and names, make compilations and control the unit using a PC MIDI interface.

Run the program “BK7_Setup.exe”. This will install the editor on your pc and place a
start icon on the PC start menu.

(You can also run the program on Linux. The program will install and run successfully under WINE. Use WINE to run the setup.exe and follow the instructions.)

The user manual can be downloaded here.

The program will allow editing of the BK7M performance files that are saved to USB pen drive on the unit. The install includes the same performance files that are in-built in the BK7M music assistant list. This file “” also has corrections to the performance names so that they refer to the actual intended names.
11. Achy Broken Heart (original)
11. Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus (in RAssistant)
The editor will handle firmware v1.05 and v1.06 files.

This program is freeware and there is no cost to use it or to copy the executable.
The actual source code is copyright however.
The file formats needed to be reverse-engineered as Roland do not publish the
formats (or not very forth coming). There is other stuff that can be edited, but
this program is for my own use and I have only included things so far that will be
useful for me.

My intention is to also produce a standalone MIDI keypad so that I can quickly
select performances by typing a three digit code and also using an up/down key
press. The principle is illustrated in the performance control page on the

Please let me know about bugs and new feature requests, but please remember
you gets what you paid for!