I give piano lessons to old or young.


I believe in teaching the basics such as good technique, sight reading, good timing and dynamics. I also encourage experimentation, improvisation and jazz harmony to those who do not wish to take the traditional classical approach to learning piano.


I also encourage the development of a musical ear, playing from memory and transcribing from records. Playing the piano is more than typing away at a musical typewriter !! Classical piano teachers tend to neglect these aspects that are very important if you wish to play jazz rock and pop music.


I have been playing piano for forty eight years. I started on the traditional route, learning classical technique, taking exams etc. I then became more interested in playing pop and rock music. I now have a strong interest in playing jazz music. I have played in many bands and have a very wide experience of different piano styles.I also have a lot of experience in modern electronic techniques and computer music.


Learning to play a musical instrument is not easy and you have to be prepared for frustration. It is too easy to give up for most people. If you hang in there, you will get your reward and you will have a hobby, pastime or profession that will last a lifetime. I am so glad that I kept going.


I am not a fuddy duddy piano teacher, however I expect you to put some work in. This means setting aside a regular time for practice. What matters more is to have a regular time slot rather than the amount of time spent. When the bug bites, you will willingly put more and more time in and enjoy such a worthwhile pursuit.


I usually give lessons at my home. I have a baby grand piano and electronic keyboards for you to play. I can make visits to households in west Edinburgh, but I would make an additional charge based on distance.


I charge £13 per half-hour lesson and I invoice four lessons in advance at £52. These are fixed except for a few exceptional circumstances. i.e. you get charged if you don't turn up at a mutually agreed time.


Any additional materials such as books, tutors, CDs are charged as extras.


If you wish to take lessons, please contact me via the contact page. We can then chat over what comes next. You are welcome to visit.




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